Thursday, 16 June 2016

Guest Match Report: Fishermen vs Engineering Hotspur

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Earth Sports, the channel with the real dirt on your favourite players. The season is well under way, and as things stand the crown for first place is still anyone's to win! Normally I do love to be beside the sea side, but on a drizzly day like today I'm happy that Mike, our pitch side correspondent, has set up camp in The Bulging Net Stadium, home of the Fishermen. 

Our line ups for today are;

Corsair (c) Salt (m) Angel, Kraken, Sakana, Greyscales

Engineering Hotspur:
Pin Vice (c) Mainspring (m) Hoist, Compund, Colossus, Decimate

Will Engineering Hotspur grind out another win after the difficult game against the Hunters, or will the Fishermen score their way to glory? Ah, the teams are emerging from the Carp-All Tunnel, but before I leave remember to visit Carp-All for all your fishing needs. Carp-All, Carp, for all!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Guest Match Report: Engineering Hotspur vs Hunters

Engineering Hotspur
"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Tonight you join me on a particularly dreary night in Ethraynne, where we are about to kick off the first week in this years league. The excitement in the stadium tonight is positively palpable, as the crowd eagerly await for the opportunity to not only see their new team captain in action, but also the mysterious and unknown quantity of the 'Hunters' guild from the wilds of the north. 

Gracing the soggy pitch tonight will be;

Engineering Hotspur:
Pin Vice (c), Mainspring (m), Hoist, Velocity, Colossus, Gutter

Theron (c), Fahad (m), Hearne, Egret, Jaecar, Zarola

Rumour has is that one of the Hunter's number has sidelined Honour, the Mason's captain, and- Ah, judging by the crowd's reaction here come the teams! Before I leave you in the safe hands of my pitch side reporter Mike, remember to always wear Kick-Boots - the boots, that kick!"