Tuesday, 24 May 2016

First Founding League; Week 1 - Fighting With Honour

The Ghastsile, poised and ready for action
The player base for Guild Ball has quite literally exploded down our club- well, perhaps not literally, that'd be messy and alarming, but you gather my meaning I'm sure. From starting as a humble handful 4-5 weeks ago, we now number more than sixteen which is crazy!

In response to this burst of interest and new players, our dashing young pundit Matty has set up a league in the aim of helping all our rookies grow into the game by having a reason to play matches, and also to throw out the lasso and drag more people into the sport. The initial idea was to have two leagues running simultaneously, to split the field between veterans and rookies and balance out the guilds being played between them. This great idea unfortunately went out the window when not everyone turned up for the league draft, and the league tables ended up a little lop sided. With the leagues balanced like a fat kid on a see-saw, they have instead been merged into a one beefy league!

We are using the standard Figo league rules, rather than the Big League, which I think is a bit of shame. I know it's been selected to ease in newbies, but none of us are stupid or fresh to wargames so I think the intricacies of the Big League would have been fine. Oh well, maybe we'll tackle that later in the year.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Fun Tooth

Whole lot of fun, knock downs to be won
The plan at first was to go full Morts, even though every man and his dog raged for Mist over Bonesaw, and my first purchases inclined that way. It became apparent fairly quickly that the Dustmen need Union players to work to their most efficient. I tried running Ghast, Casket and Bonesaw, but quickly saw that it wasn't the way forward. So Bonesaw the 'crypt'ic monk hit the bench and in came Mist, and shortly after that out came Casket and in went Rage.

Within my group of new starters Rage was good, possibly great, but I always felt like their was more that could be offered from my 'Beater' slot. The top hatted psychopath felt so one dimensional. The more I played with Rage the more I realised that he was fine. Not bad, but not really that good. On a charge he half-way chops down even the hardest opponent, but against any player worth their Salt (the mineral, not the otter) he'll never get to charge twice.

Enter Fangtooth, or as I prefer to call him, Fun Tooth. I like to picture him with a full on Pat Sharp Fun House mullet, with the twins cheering him on from the side lines. Ol' Fangy was actually the result of an accidental purchase, after telling a friend to pick him up instead of Rage. Best mistake I could have made.

So why is Fang Tooth a better beater than Rage, and a stable part of my line at the moment? Let's take a look!